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Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum

Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum

A wonderful project in which a safer area is created to provide protection from flooding!

On behalf of Mooder Maas, we have carried out various activities. Mooder Maas is a consortium of contractors consisting of the main contractors Dura Vermeer and Ploegam.

The name “Mooder Maas” means open, warm, caring, listening, understanding, but also directing and correcting when necessary. Accessible, open and caring for everything and everyone who lives, works, enjoys leisure activities, practises sports, grows or flourishes within the Ooijen-Wanssum Area Development where, in a safe way, a safer area with protection from flooding is created that everyone can be proud of.

Van Aalsburg is participating in this wonderful project with all its expertise and due care. Our craftsmanship in this project is indispensable. Because what is ‘flood protection’ without our traditional fascine mattresses? We are making 15,000 m² of fascine mattresses in situ for the protection of the embankment and the riverbed. These fascine mattresses are positioned and sunk at the desired location. We are doing everything to make this beautiful area of Limburg flood free!

Aan dit prachtige project werkt Van Aalsburg met alle deskundigheid en zorgvuldigheid mee. Ook in dit project is onze ambacht niet weg te denken. Want wat is nu ‘waterveiliger’ zonder onze ambachtelijke zinkstukken? Voor de oever en bodembeschermingen maken wij ter plaatse 15.000 m² zinkstukken. Deze zinkstukken positioneren en bestorten wij op de gewenste locatie. Alles om dit prachtige gebied in Limburg waterveiliger te maken!

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Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - Kiwa ISO 9001
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - Kiwa ISO 14001
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - Kiwa VCA
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - Erkend leerbedrijf
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - SIKB Bodembeheer
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - FSC
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - C02 prestatieladder
Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - Our traditional fascine mattresses ensure embankment and riverbed protection. Flood protection Ooijen-Wanssum - A fantastic result in a beautiful area!
Our traditional fascine mattresses ensure embankment and riverbed protection.
A fantastic result in a beautiful area!
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