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Fascine mattresses (Bentonite)

Fascine mattresses (Bentonite)

A unique method.

Van Aalsburg has developed a unique method to stem the water flow in canals. We attach faggots to bentonite mattresses and sink them to the bottom of the canal using a sinking beam. This is carried out with the utmost precision and fully GPS controlled. This invention was applied in 2018 during the expansion of the Juliana canal. And very successfully. It attracted broad publicity. Van Aalsburg designed sowing machines that can stitch bentonite mattresses together, so that any size is possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bentonite?
Bentonite is a type of natural sodium clay containing particles that are so small that they can stem the water flow in rivers and streams.
What is your working method?
We attach willow faggots (fascine mattresses) on bentonite and sink these mattresses to the bottom of the canal.
What is unique about this product?
This is carried out with the utmost precision and is fully GPS controlled.