New willow season started again! Fresh willow trees are again fully available.
Pontoon hire

Pontoon hire

Promote new sand deposits

Van Aalsburg has an extensive range of coupling pontoons and unifloats. They are indispensable when working on or near the water (when building or repairing banks or quays). They serve as platforms for excavators, as transport for heavy equipment and can be used as temporary bridges. Several pontoons are equipped with hydraulic spud poles, on which pontoons can be moored. The pontoons can be connected together lengthways or widthways, without the use of cables or complex couplings. Any desired platform configuration can be made. Load capacity: 2 to 60 tonnes.

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Road construction

Sand screens are also used in road construction, mainly when constructing or raising roads. The screens prevent sand drifts from causing unsafe traffic situations. They also minimise the clogging up of roads that have Open Graded Asphalt (OGA). Sand is disastrous for OGA, which now covers almost all motorways.

Van Aalsburg B.V. supplies brushwood and installs sand screens throughout the country. Would you like to know more about the application of sand screens? Our specialists will be happy to advise you. Without any obligation, of course. We can help you with your creative thinking!

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Pontoon hire - Road construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Which surfaces are suitable for sand screens?
Sand screens are installed in the sand. They help to form new sand deposits under the action of water flow and the wind.
What kind of material are sand screens made from?
Sand screens are made from rows of fine willow branches of 80 to 250 cm high. The willow no longer grows because it is ‘dead’ wood.
Can sand screens be installed the whole year round?
Sand screens be installed the whole year round.