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Gabion stone fences

Gabion stone fences

Embankment protection and garden fencing

Van Aalsburg B.V. has extensive experience in installing gabions, also known as stone baskets. We distinguish between two types of baskets: for embankment protection and for garden fencing.

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Gabion stone fences - Kiwa ISO 9001
Gabion stone fences - Kiwa ISO 14001
Gabion stone fences - Kiwa VCA
Gabion stone fences - Erkend leerbedrijf
Gabion stone fences - SIKB Bodembeheer
Gabion stone fences - FSC
Gabion stone fences - C02 prestatieladder

Embankment protection

Gabions for embankment protection consist of a galvanised steel basket construction, which is reinforced with spacers or partitions. The baskets are placed flat on the embankment: from 1 metre under the waterline to 1 metre above it.

In the event of a weak embankment or riverbed, a retaining wall is sometimes built first, which serves as the foundation for the baskets. The baskets are filled with rocks or riprap. The baskets are sometimes stacked on top of each other to form several layers. The bank along the waterline thus remains undamaged and the gabions provide excellent protection. Flexible, sustainable and maintenance-friendly.

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Gabion stone fences - Embankment protection

Garden fencing

Our baskets add more atmosphere and style to your garden. They also often serve as practical fencing and are easy to install. They are also handy as planters, as a stand-alone decorative object or as protection against ram raids.

You can design your own baskets. We make them exactly to your requirements. You are guaranteed the shape and size to suit your garden and home. The possibilities are endless.

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Gabion stone fences - Garden fencing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan?
The lifespan of a gabion is more than 25 years.
Do you need a foundation?
The necessity for a foundation depends on the height, the thickness and the stability of the surface underneath the basket.
Is just delivery possible?
All required material can be supplied individually.
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