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Everything in house

Van Aalsburg B.V. has all required equipment in house. No task too difficult or complex - we have the right equipment ready and waiting in house. From the smallest task to the largest project. Our specialist work can only be carried out using the right equipment. And our employees are certified to operate our machinery.

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Equipment - Kiwa ISO 9001
Equipment - Kiwa ISO 14001
Equipment - Kiwa VCA
Equipment - Erkend leerbedrijf
Equipment - SIKB Bodembeheer
Equipment - FSC
Equipment - C02 prestatieladder


We decide per job which equipment would be the most suitable to use. We transport all machinery on our own trucks. Our truck fleet is tailored to the work. Given our wide range of services, we have a considerable fleet. It could involve the transport of willow faggots (22 metres long) or brushwood. Or the use of crawler cranes or mobile cranes and crawler vehicles. From tractor to crane ship, from crawler vehicle to truck. The equipment is always available. Anywhere, even in the most remote places. No bridge is too far.

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Equipment - Custom-built

Floating crane

Working in or near water obviously places high demands on our floating work equipment. The fleet contributes to a large extent to the execution of the various jobs. From light, stable aluminium barges and boats with considerable buoyancy, to a small crane ship for transporting brushwood from the withybeds during ebb and flow. No water too deep.

Van Aalsburg B.V. is proficient in many areas, be it in the water or on land. And if the required equipment cannot be purchased, we make it ourselves. Van Aalsburg B.V. - It’s as simple as that.

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Equipment - Floating crane

Hire pontoons

Van Aalsburg has an extensive range of coupling pontoons and unifloats. They are indispensable when working in or near the water: building or repairing banks or quays. They serve as platforms for excavators, as transport for heavy equipment and can be used as temporary bridges.

Several pontoons are equipped with hydraulic spud poles, on which pontoons can be moored. The pontoons can be connected together lengthways or widthways, without the use of cables or complex couplings. Any desired platform configuration can be made. The load capacity is 2 to 60 tonnes.

Unifloats are more stable and have an even better load capacity than coupling pontoons. We have approximately 1500 m² of coupling pontoons and about 450 m² of unifloats. A huge load capacity. Enough for a work island, a pontoon bridge or a pontoon for events on which a tent can be placed.
Van Aalsburg B.V. can deliver coupling pontoons and unifloats to any address using their own transport.

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Equipment - Hire pontoons


Van Aalsburg has three trucks with loader cranes. Do you have something exceptional to be transported? No problem! Van Aalsburg’s men are used to taking on a challenge.

We even have extendable semi low loaders, a tub low loader and an extendable low trailer. For our own use and also for hire.

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Equipment - Transport

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a swamp crane?
Van Aalsburg B.V. has converted a Komatsu crawler crane into a swamp crane. Characteristics: wide crawler tracks, a longer undercarriage and a raised turntable. The crane operates in swampy areas that are hardly accessible to people.
Are the coupling pontoons and/or unifloats for hire?
Coupling pontoons and unifloats are available for hire. They are indispensable when working in or near the water. Suitable as a platform for machines and as temporary bridges. Ask for our rates.
On which surfaces can you carry out earthwork?
We work in all places and on all surfaces. No problem! We have a wide range of swamp and floating cranes.
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