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Geotextile fabric

Geotextile fabric

For foundation reinforcement

Geotextiles are applied in road and hydraulic structures. Geotextiles strengthen road foundations, protect riverbeds and embankments and strengthen poor load-bearing soil. This promotes stability and durability. Geotextiles are also used as filter, drainage and fencing material. The type (or combination of different types) of geotextile depends on the use, the surface and weather influences. Van Aalsburg B.V. makes the geotextile exactly to size on a specially designed sewing machine with a ground-tight sewing needle.

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Geotextile fabric - Kiwa ISO 9001
Geotextile fabric - Kiwa ISO 14001
Geotextile fabric - Kiwa VCA
Geotextile fabric - Erkend leerbedrijf
Geotextile fabric - SIKB Bodembeheer
Geotextile fabric - FSC
Geotextile fabric - C02 prestatieladder

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the fabrics made up into the final product?
With special sowing machines. The fabrics can be made up into the final product at the worksite or at our company.
How many m² of geotextile fabric do you have in stock?
We have over 100,000 m² of geotextile in stock!
What combinations are possible?
Geotextile can be combined with non-woven and corn fabric, etc.
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