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Unblocking canals and rivers

Dredging is also in good hands with Van Aalsburg BV. Dredging is the removal of sand, silt, waste and plant and tree remains from the water bottom. We specialize in dredging on water only 0.5 to 3 meters deep. Our equipment can also work water up to 15 meters deep, this may be necessary for large projects.

Dredging ensures that waterways or channels become shallow or even clogged. This hinders shipping traffic and water discharge to the sea. Canals and rivers can then overflow their quays or banks. With all its consequences.

The formation of dredge is a natural and continuous process and therefore dredge must be removed regularly. Contaminated dredge must be disposed of with extra care.

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Dredging - Kiwa ISO 9001
Dredging - Kiwa ISO 14001
Dredging - Kiwa VCA
Dredging - Erkend leerbedrijf
Dredging - SIKB Bodembeheer
Dredging - FSC
Dredging - C02 prestatieladder

Different ways

Dredging with a crane can be carried out in different ways: per boat, from a pontoon or from the shore. An efficient solution for every situation. The dredged sediments are transported in hopper barges or pumped. Van Aalsburg B.V. is in possession of a ‘Soil and sediment remediation and intervention in the riverbed’ certificate. This means that we work responsibly and professionally. And yet affordable!

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Dredging - Different ways

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shredding?
Shredding is the grinding of excavated soil and stubble, which is then pumped to a storage depot through many kilometres of pipes in order to disturb nature as little as possible.
What does the certificate sediment remediation (BRL SIKB 7000) mean?
BRL SIKB 7000 is an assessment directive for soil and sediment remediation. It guarantees quality and specifies the objectives and rules. It says something about the organisation and control measures during remediation. Only certified contractors are allowed to carry out this work.
How deep are you able to dredge?
We are specialised in dredging to a depth of 3 metres. Our equipment can work in depths of up to 15 metres.
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