New willow season started again! Fresh willow trees are again fully available.


Prevent erosion caused by wind, water and ice.

Good sheeting protects banks in a nature-friendly way. This prevents soil erosion. It is a simple and environmentally friendly way of flood defense.

A bank protection is available in several variants, but we only carry out willow wood, hardwood, recycled plastic or combination. Besides the choice of material, the way of placing and anchoring the sheeting is just as important.

Van Aalsburg places more than 30 kilometers of revetment. From land and from the water. We have already installed many natural revetments for municipalities. Discover the class of Van Aalsburg BV.

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Hardwood or brushwood revetments?

"When using live brushwood, the new willow shoots will eventually take over part of the protective function.

Willow revetments are more eco-friendly than revetments made from tropical hard wood, plastic or metal.

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Revetments - Hardwood or brushwood revetments?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also install revetments for private individuals?
We install revetments for private individuals and public bodies. In total, we install over 30 kilometres a year.
How is a revetment installed?
Revetments are custom-built and therefore installation differs per situation. We have a suitable solution for every situation thanks to our many years of experience.
What is the difference between a retaining wall and a revetment?
Revetments are lower and have horizontal planks, a retaining wall is higher ad has vertical sections or elements. A retaining wall is more suitable for heavy-duty applications.